More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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We see in our daily lives; a few things will disturb us. Some irate us, and some will make us sad. So, what do we do with them? Most of the time – we react! It is a natural human tendency to react. However, I think we should always give a response instead of giving a reaction. There are many reasons for it. One of them is – response is treated as positive behavior while the reaction is seen as a negative one. Moreover, it also decides the fate of results. The response produces different results than the reaction will do. A response can create more positive results than a reaction can.

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If you want to deliver real value — you must empathize with your customer!

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Although I spoke about this topic in a few forums several years ago, my recent experience made me revisit it because this (phenomena) keeps happening now and then. I firmly believe that how customers and suppliers perceive each other mostly and directly impacts the results. If we want to create a real value for everyone, we must shed our perceptions and see-through customer lenses to be more productive. Value always implies an explicit trade-off between what you give and what you get. And it applies in almost any context.

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