Practical solutions and thought-leadership in innovation, transformation, and emerging technologies.

Anand is passionate about sharing his experience and loves to inspire. He specializes in contemporary topics that are at the intersection of technology and people.

As a transformation specialist and well-known innovation expert, he works with organizations that want to transform into a sustainable brand with creative and innovative employees.

Anand is an award-winning author and a prolific writer. Besides a few books under his belt, he has been writing in several reputed publications for the past two decades.

Anand inspires and educates the audience on the topics of innovation, disruption & adaptability, emerging technologies, future of leadership & work, and transformation. His talks are candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with a dash of humor.
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Having worked with several Fortune 500 multinationals, Anand draws upon multi-cultural, cross-industry expertise, and can see things with uniquely different lenses. Being a polymath, he can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been "done to death."
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