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Anand Tamboli

Transformation Expert
Author & Speaker


"To build a future ready organization, you need to find new ways of doing things, today!"


Most people are trying to innovate using technology as a lever. It may be good, but it's not good enough.

If you want to create an extraordinary impact that delivers breakthrough and sustainable results, you need to focus on transformative innovation.

Every disruption, planned or unplanned, always stirs the market and displaces norms. When that happens, people get creative. They take actions that otherwise were not possible. They take chances and play with their ideas, bring them to life. But, do you want your organization to follow the game or raise and lead the game?

While most are going at disruptive innovation, why not understand the landscape and think – how can you transform the business model, customer problem, or the value proposition of the entire industry? How can you pioneer something so transformative that disruptive innovation becomes irrelevant?

When you start to think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, your strategy changes radically. For most businesses, digital transformation is already overdue; get over with it. However, all the others need to understand that it is not the end. You must progress beyond it and start thinking about problem transformation.


For future ready organizations, every day is a new normal.


Future ready organizations are not just focusing on transformation. They focus on transformative innovation. They develop processes and a culture that allows them to quickly learn, unlearn, and relearn. They develop curiosity and seek diversity in opinions to continuously find new ways of doing things while always operating from first principles. They are creating their customers journey instead of just following it. They are pioneers in humanizing work and use technology responsibly.

Anand sees things with uniquely different lenses and knows how to work through them. He is obsessed with finding new ways of doing things, bringing ideas to life, and make them work for everyone. Anand specializes in areas that intersect with technology and people.

Over the past 20 years, He has worked with leading organizations and several Fortune 500 companies, globally, to help develop curiosity, build a future oriented organization, humanizing work, and leading innovation.


More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!



The world now needs a different kind of innovation.


As a polymath Anand can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been "done to death." With a degree in engineering & business, Anand brings global and multicultural experience to offers you a deeper and practical understanding of the impacts of technology.

He is in the Powerlist of 200 leadership experts by LeadersHum, was nominated by IoT Hub Australia for the “IoT Pioneer” award in 2019. And in the same year received the “Best Author of the Year” from the Consensus Group Australia.

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