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Innovation is not about being bigger and later. It is all about starting small, but starting now!

Innovation in virtual presentations

When the first lock-down was imposed, almost all events were canceled. People thought everything would be back to normal in a few weeks. It was anything but that.

As everyone came to senses and accepted that virtual gatherings are here to stay, many of us picked up the pace to get our act together.

The initial few months gave us enough practice to be reasonably comfortable with virtual meetings and presentations of all kinds. But the novelty is wearing off. People have developed more discerning eyes and ears.

As always, like it or not, we judge what we see!

Now we all agree, virtual presentations are here to stay. And that means just scraping by is not going to work. If your business, reputation, and earning potential depend on it, having an engaging virtual presence is more critical than before.

So what does one need to improve their virtual presentation?

It reminds me of a famous quote by Henry Ford, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses!"

In the current situation, if you ask people, "What do you want to improve your virtual presentation?" You will get similar responses. Some might say Zoom should add more filters and features, while some want more backgrounds, polls, and chats. 

While many others are grappling with make-shift arrangements, some are still wishing for things to turn back to normal, whatever that means now!

The fact is when it comes to the virtual world, you not only need better content, but you also need better media production.

You not only want to grab the audience's attention but also maintain it.

You want to make sure you captivate the audience with novelty.

You want to demonstrate you are not one of the many thumbnails in the meeting software.

You want to stand out and make people notice you.

So, the key question is, how can you do it?

How can you increase the production value of your presentation?

What tools do you need?

What kind of setup do you need?

And, most importantly, how can you do it on a low to almost no budget?

It is normal to assume that increasing and improving production value needs an elaborate, expensive, and specialized setup. But that is not the case. 

Moreover, just a few nifty things can also help you add some spice to your virtual presentations and virtual presence.

Remember, you don't always have to do big things to make a big impact. Sometimes, small, little things can make all the difference.

Innovation is not about being bigger and later. It is all about starting small, but starting now. 

Doing beats talking! Always!!

And, by the way, if you are curious about this whole improved virtual presentation thing, please check out our latest program on Virtual Presentation Mastery.

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