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Sometimes, we just complicate the simple. Perhaps it's a matter of perspective!

On Perspective

When I was about 8 yr old, my father told me a story — an interesting perspective on perspectives.

A businessman was passing by a large farm in his car when he saw a farmer resting under a tree. The businessman got curious, so he stopped and approached the farmer.

On approach and pleasantries, he asked, “Mate, what are you doing?”. The farmer responded, “Resting !”

Businessman, being what he is, said to the farmer, “Well, instead of wasting your time by resting, you have such a huge farm, why don’t you work hard ?”

The farmer said, “And then what ?”

Businessman: “You can harvest more and earn more.”

Farmer: “And then what ?”

Businessman: “Then, with more money, you can buy more things. Things that would make your life easier.”

Farmer: “What would that mean to me ?”

Businessman: “When you have so many things to make your life easy, no hard work required, you can rest peacefully !”

Farmer: “What do you think I’m doing right now ?”

The businessman didn’t know what to say, so he chose to walk away!

Sometimes, we just complicate the simple. Perhaps it's a matter of perspective!

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