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More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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Navigating the ChatGPT Crazepublished Mar 20, 2023

Innovation Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

These days, everyone on the internet has gone berserk about ChatGPT. Anyone with less than half a clue about technology is overconfidently talking about ChatGPT and how it is going to change our future. And that is a big issue. Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance! So, as a qualified professional, let me uncover some of the myths around ChatGPT here.

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The Hidden Issue in Storytellingpublished Feb 02, 2023

Innovation Transformation Communication Leadership Influence 

Many of the bosses I've seen in my career wanted decisions first, a summary second, and details later (if they could spare more time). While some others wanted a summary first, details later, and decisions afterwards, which mostly they had made already. In no situations, they were interested in someone telling them a (customer) story or anything similar. And this is where the advice on storytelling starts to fail in real life. Because we miss a key and almost a hidden (in plain sight) issue in storytelling.

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Good Team Managers Don't Miss Thispublished Nov 13, 2022

Transformation Leadership Influence 

But as it happens with most new team managers, Jenny was trying everything she had read and seen thus far. It looked like she took a shotgun approach to show some runs on the board. At times Jenny was micro-managing, sometimes delegating, and other times biting more than she could chew. She was probably doing more harm than good in a desperate attempt to prove she deserved it. A few weeks into that role, Jenny called me the other day to discuss her challenges. She seemed to understand the urgency to get things sorted as soon as possible.

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The Perils of Conformitypublished Apr 01, 2022

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of 

It was Tuesday. My son and I were travelling back home from the city on a train. As the train was about to reach our station, we got up from our seats and reached the doors. But then something happened. While my son and I were standing near the right side door, everyone else was near the left side door. My son was getting anxious looking at that as he asked, "Shouldn't we be standing on the other side?" I assured him, "No, this is the right side. Don't worry." That didn't seem to work, however. He kept looking back and forth, feeling like a misfit. A few moments later, as the train entered the station...

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Three More Laws of Stupiditypublished Mar 26, 2022

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

An interesting experiment was done by psychologist Solomon Asch that highlights this human folly. It shows how social pressure can sway a person to adopt positions that go against all the logic. In the 12 experiments on conformity he conducted, around 75% of the participants conformed to the majority view at least once. It means 75% of the people doing the study were pushed to say an answer which was clearly wrong. And it happened because of...

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Is It a Bug or a Feature?published Feb 21, 2022

Innovation Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of 

My son wanted me to help him choose a drink out of many at the counter one day. And while I did it that day, it made me think - Why does it have to be that way? How did we get to a point where we always think we want to choose from what is available? Why cannot it be something else that isn't there? Part of the problem lies in how we teach and whether we do more multiple-choice questions or more fill in blanks.

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What I Learned Producing a Podcast Last Yearpublished Jan 25, 2022

Innovation Leadership Influence 

When I started producing my podcast last year, I didn’t know much about it. In fact, besides listening to other podcasts, there was nothing much to it. And I remember thinking that it is probably a very easy thing to do. All I need to do is record an interview, do some minor editing, and upload it on the platform. Just that, it wasn't that easy. Many things influence the quality of the podcast, and I may have made countless mistakes along the way. But the more I learned, the more I started to understand.

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The Main Reason Why Creative People Can Predict the Futurepublished Jan 16, 2022

Innovation Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

In the 17th century, electricity was a matter of curiosity amongst several scientists. One of them was Galvani, who did some experiments in 1780. For example, he showed that the legs of a dead frog can twitch when he applied electric current to it. His nephew Aldini, in 1803, took a step further and used human corpses to show that it also happens with human bodies. Soon the news spread and a writer Mary Shelly published a novel in 1818. The main character in that novel was Dr Victor Frankenstein. He stitches several body parts and, using electricity, brings his creation to life. In 1931 the movie "Frankenstein" was produced based on the same story, which Earl Bakken saw during his young age. That inspired him to create the world's first battery-powered pacemaker in 1957. This is one of the many examples of sci-fi turning into reality.

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3 Best Ways to Thrive in 2022published Jan 01, 2022

Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of Disruption 

Every year it happens. During the last few days of December, people talk about their reflections. They talk about what happened and how their year has been. Then in the new year, they start talking about to-do lists, reading lists, new year resolutions. Social media posts and messaging platforms get flooded with me-too fads such as being authentic, taking care of oneself, living life 'in the moment,' and so on. But then a few weeks go by. Then comes February, when things start to wane. People go back to the routine. I feel there is a better way to manage all this. So let's talk about the three best ways to thrive this year.

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Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?published Jul 28, 2021

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

How to develop curiosity? How to get more creative? Unfortunately, answers to these questions often are vague and abstract. If you want five practical tips to bolster your curiosity, become more creative and innovative, this one is for you. If you want to stay curious and become more creative, start learning the facts for yourself. Stop relying on Google or the internet.

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Why a Better Camera Might Not Make You a Better Presenterpublished Dec 07, 2020

Innovation Transformation Influence The Future of 

When I was a little kid, just about the same time of the year, my family and I went to the local Dussehra festival. It was a fun experience with all different carousels, merry-go-rounds, slides, and many other things. There was this musical instrument seller who had all different kinds of flutes and trumpets. He was playing the flute to attract the audience. Indeed, he had great talent to create that kind of mesmerizing music. I was so fascinated by that; I requested my father to buy one flute for me. Giving in to my nagging, he bought one. I was very excited to play with it and show off my friends that day as we headed back home. After freshening up, I picked up the flute and started playing.

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On Gritpublished Oct 11, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of 

After almost a year and a half of me failing miserably, I overcame that challenge. I reappeared for exams working twice as hard. There was not an ounce of a doubt in my mind about my success. I did not even think about it. After exams, within two months, the results were out. I passed in that failed subject and scored high enough to be one of the university's top three students. In the same year, I ended up publishing four technical papers and winning a project competition. How did that happen?

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Innovation in Virtual Presentationspublished Sep 30, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of 

When the first lock-down was imposed, almost all events were canceled. People thought everything would be back to normal in a few weeks. It was anything but that. As everyone came to senses and accepted that virtual gatherings are here to stay, many of us picked up the pace to get our act together. The initial few months gave us enough practice to be reasonably comfortable with virtual meetings and presentations of all kinds. But the novelty is wearing off. People have developed more discerning eyes and ears.

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The 7 Things a Business Coach Must Do when Working with Founderspublished Sep 21, 2020

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of 

There is a critical difference between armchair experts and people who have been there done that. Every founder does not have to repeat the same mistake to learn valuable lessons. They can learn from others, only if others are willing to share their mistakes and experiences without adding any spice to their version. People often tell entrepreneurs, especially startups that they need to know their “why”, the purpose of being in the business. But in my experience, they already know it. Instead, the most challenging part for them is almost always — how?

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On Adaptability published Aug 28, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence Disruption The Future of 

Once Dr. Albert Bartlett made a profound statement, "The greatest shortcoming of humanity is our inability to understand the exponential function." The logic is simple and irrefutable. Exponential growth cannot proceed indefinitely within a finite system, whether on earth or in an economy. To explain, Bartlett gives an interesting example.

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My Name Is Google, and I Am a Victimpublished Aug 26, 2020

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

I lure you with the pretense of free services. Then I capture your personally identifiable data and surveil your behavior. I sell that data to advertisers and make billions in revenue, but I do not pay (fair) tax. I also crawl other's websites and show you snippets of news and other content, so you don't have to go to their website often. But, how dare you ask for fair compensation for your data and content? I am not happy. I think it is unfair. Hello, my name is Google, and I am a victim!

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The Data About You May Not Be Your Data!published Aug 18, 2020

Influence Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things The Future of 

You may often think your data on social networks is private, secure, and is owned by you. However, there is more to this, and it starts with a critical question — How do you define "your data"? Technology is becoming pervasive day by day. With the proliferation of social networks & free services, our data is at stake, big time!

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How to Put AI Ethics Into Practice?published Aug 03, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

Guidelines do not address the root causes of issues that are results of AI; they merely provide "do's and don'ts" at a very high level. Because of such a high-level view, they are enjoyable to listen to and debate about but are nowhere near practical to implement. But, let us first understand what the problem is. Why are people concerned about AI? Once we understand key issues, we can find out probable root causes and then see what really needs fixing - all by using first-principle methods. Do you really want to make AI better and the force for good? Then you must read this

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The Story Behind YOU 3.0published Jul 05, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence Disruption The Future of 

It was my fourth phone call with Amit that month. The previous hour-long calls, while managing our work and different time zones, hadn’t brought down the interest in the subject. Instead, the feeling of being on the verge of something important persisted. The broad question that got us thinking was how careers are affected in uncertain times. The world is changing fast. Employers’ expectations from employees as well as employees’ expectations from employers are changing significantly. Moreover, the classical assumption that merely doing a good job can advance your career is getting beaten to extinction.

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On Perceptionpublished Jun 08, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of 

If you do not like how people perceive you or what others think about you, you must take charge of your perception of reality. Remember that you are in control of your story, always! It might seem a bit counterintuitive at the outset, as I keep insisting that you must pay attention to what others think of you. The way this world is changing, economies are transforming, and options to live a good life are evolving, I think you need to start giving some attention to others’ perception about you.

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