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More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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A Lot Can Happen in 24 Hourspublished May 04, 2022

Innovation Leadership Disruption Internet of Things 

When our IoT (Internet of Things) platform crashed several years ago, I found myself pushed into a corner. With an imminent demo for an important client, I had to take quick action. That action eventually turned out to be a stepping stone for me and to build my profile. Trust me, a lot can happen in 24 hours. The lesson here is - in times like this, the first principles-based thinking is your best bet.

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A Lesson Worth $11 Millionpublished Aug 30, 2020

Transformation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things 

In early 2018, an Australian telecommunications company bit the bullet and rolled out an AI program for its incident management process. The telco expected to save more than 25% of the operational costs from this implementation. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. Eventually, the endowment effect kicked in, and the company had no plans to go back and fix the problem from its roots. Instead, it kept pushing through and wasting an enormous amount of money, allegedly circa $11 million in operational costs. The crucial question remains — who eventually paid for this?

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The Data About You May Not Be Your Data!published Aug 18, 2020

Influence Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things The Future of 

You may often think your data on social networks is private, secure, and is owned by you. However, there is more to this, and it starts with a critical question — How do you define "your data"? Technology is becoming pervasive day by day. With the proliferation of social networks & free services, our data is at stake, big time!

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When Working With Emerging Technologies...published May 24, 2020

Transformation Innovation Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things The Future of 

Machines make mistakes, just like humans do, and they will keep making them in the future too. Businesses must accept this fact and know that machines, much like humans, also need attention, retraining, and a performance improvement plan before they go live again. Do not get carried away and assume that just because we have cool technology, we can use it to solve every problem around us. Emerging technologies are new hammers, let us avoid treating all of the issues as nails and avoid rushing into the emerging future. It is challenging to undo strategic and technological mistakes these days. Sometimes, it is better to deal with humans than machines, sanity is the key!

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Before Your Emerging Technology Journey Beginspublished Feb 09, 2020

Transformation Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things 

Emerging technology projects can come in different sizes and flavors. Some are only IoT deployments, some are only AI implementations, and some could be a combination of both. When you want to do any of this, you must take control of planning and architecture early on. If you shy away from asking the right questions at the outset, you may end up with subpar solutions that have poor yield, or you may waste your investment all together by doing something that doesn’t affect your key metrics.

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