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More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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Should India Develop a Local Version of ChatGPT?published Sep 04, 2023

Leadership The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

With the flag on the south pole of the moon, India continues to progress and show its technological prowess to the world. While that just happened, a new debate seems to be popping up. Just that, it is not about going to Mars or elsewhere - it is about developing a local version of ChatGPT. So the question is - should India develop a local version of ChatGPT?

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Navigating the ChatGPT Crazepublished Mar 20, 2023

Innovation Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

These days, everyone on the internet has gone berserk about ChatGPT. Anyone with less than half a clue about technology is overconfidently talking about ChatGPT and how it is going to change our future. And that is a big issue. Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance! So, as a qualified professional, let me uncover some of the myths around ChatGPT here.

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Two Monkeys and the Metaversepublished Apr 18, 2022

Innovation Leadership The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

That evening my bored self decided to visit a nearby zoo. I wanted to look at different animals other than humans that day. As I was strolling through the zoo, nothing seemed interesting as such. A weakened lion, bored hippo, sleepy giraffe, and the zebra that was perhaps trying to get rid of stripes while scuffing against the wall. But as I passed by two monkeys, it sounded familiar. I felt like I understood what they were talking about. So, I stopped. I saw a $5 note in the first monkey's hand while the other had a bunch of bananas. The conversation that followed replaced my boredom with somewhat existential questions.

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Three More Laws of Stupiditypublished Mar 26, 2022

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

An interesting experiment was done by psychologist Solomon Asch that highlights this human folly. It shows how social pressure can sway a person to adopt positions that go against all the logic. In the 12 experiments on conformity he conducted, around 75% of the participants conformed to the majority view at least once. It means 75% of the people doing the study were pushed to say an answer which was clearly wrong. And it happened because of...

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The Main Reason Why Creative People Can Predict the Futurepublished Jan 16, 2022

Innovation Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

In the 17th century, electricity was a matter of curiosity amongst several scientists. One of them was Galvani, who did some experiments in 1780. For example, he showed that the legs of a dead frog can twitch when he applied electric current to it. His nephew Aldini, in 1803, took a step further and used human corpses to show that it also happens with human bodies. Soon the news spread and a writer Mary Shelly published a novel in 1818. The main character in that novel was Dr Victor Frankenstein. He stitches several body parts and, using electricity, brings his creation to life. In 1931 the movie "Frankenstein" was produced based on the same story, which Earl Bakken saw during his young age. That inspired him to create the world's first battery-powered pacemaker in 1957. This is one of the many examples of sci-fi turning into reality.

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The 5 Laws of Stupiditypublished Dec 04, 2021

Innovation Transformation The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

Last week, while crossing the road, I saw a car that was incorrectly parked. Naturally, the first reaction was, “What an idiot!” This person has not only put their vehicle at risk of getting nicked, but they also put pedestrians at risk. Apparently, having a number plate with KING written on it didn’t help much. But then I started to think, “Should I be calling this person an idiot or stupid? And what is the difference between an idiot and a stupid?” So, I searched on the internet and I did find something about it. But I also found something else.

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Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?published Jul 28, 2021

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

How to develop curiosity? How to get more creative? Unfortunately, answers to these questions often are vague and abstract. If you want five practical tips to bolster your curiosity, become more creative and innovative, this one is for you. If you want to stay curious and become more creative, start learning the facts for yourself. Stop relying on Google or the internet.

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The 13 Principles to Help You Maintain Sanity in Businesspublished Nov 20, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Businesses often get carried away by the smart technology at the disposal and assume that we can use it to solve every problem around us. Emerging technologies are new hammers, avoid treating all the issues as nails. You must avoid rushing into the emerging future. Instead, deliberate efforts, coupled with thoughtful steps, can yield long-lasting positive results. This approach is crucial because it is challenging to undo strategic and technological mistakes these days. While working with over 85+ businesses of various sizes in the last 20 years, I discovered a characteristic pattern in the companies that were the best and the rest. I have tried to model this into an explainable and understandable form here as The Sanity Model.

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A Lesson Worth $11 Millionpublished Aug 30, 2020

Transformation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things 

In early 2018, an Australian telecommunications company bit the bullet and rolled out an AI program for its incident management process. The telco expected to save more than 25% of the operational costs from this implementation. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. Eventually, the endowment effect kicked in, and the company had no plans to go back and fix the problem from its roots. Instead, it kept pushing through and wasting an enormous amount of money, allegedly circa $11 million in operational costs. The crucial question remains — who eventually paid for this?

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My Name Is Google, and I Am a Victimpublished Aug 26, 2020

Innovation Leadership Influence The Future of Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

I lure you with the pretense of free services. Then I capture your personally identifiable data and surveil your behavior. I sell that data to advertisers and make billions in revenue, but I do not pay (fair) tax. I also crawl other's websites and show you snippets of news and other content, so you don't have to go to their website often. But, how dare you ask for fair compensation for your data and content? I am not happy. I think it is unfair. Hello, my name is Google, and I am a victim!

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Three Types of Innovations in Businesspublished Aug 24, 2020

Transformation Innovation Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

In his seminal work “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Clayton Christensen discussed the three main forms of innovation. Borrowing from that idea, here is the explanation of the first three kinds of innovation and their impact on jobs, capital, and economy.

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Because You Have The Power!published Aug 23, 2020

Transformation Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Technology is like an amplifier, and it mirrors our ethical stance. The only difference is that it is highly scalable and fast, which makes it more powerful as well as dangerous. Many organizations now understand that with high ethical capacity, they can have a competitive advantage in the API economy. At an organizational level, having ethical mechanisms and governance makes more sense. Here is the transcript of my speech at API Days New York 2020.

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The Data About You May Not Be Your Data!published Aug 18, 2020

Influence Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things The Future of 

You may often think your data on social networks is private, secure, and is owned by you. However, there is more to this, and it starts with a critical question — How do you define "your data"? Technology is becoming pervasive day by day. With the proliferation of social networks & free services, our data is at stake, big time!

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How to Put AI Ethics Into Practice?published Aug 03, 2020

Transformation Leadership Influence The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

Guidelines do not address the root causes of issues that are results of AI; they merely provide "do's and don'ts" at a very high level. Because of such a high-level view, they are enjoyable to listen to and debate about but are nowhere near practical to implement. But, let us first understand what the problem is. Why are people concerned about AI? Once we understand key issues, we can find out probable root causes and then see what really needs fixing - all by using first-principle methods. Do you really want to make AI better and the force for good? Then you must read this

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A Systematic Approach to Risk Mitigationpublished Jul 29, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

Generally speaking, it is a project management strategy in which a project team imagines a project failure and works backward to determine what potentially could lead to that failure. This working is then used to handle risks upfront. However, in the risk management context, I am going to use this (pre-mortem) term interchangeably to represent a more sophisticated and engineering-oriented methodology, known as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, i.e. FMEA.

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The Five AI Myths to Be Aware Ofpublished Jul 27, 2020

Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Technology is often over-hyped but underestimated. Artificial Intelligence couldn't have been any different from it. There are several stories, which don't give you the full picture. And then there are many anti-stories, which create more confusion. As I often say, the truth can be uncovered only with deep questioning and relentless persuasion for answers. It is simple, but not easy! So, here are five AI myths that keep circling without any conclusion. Everyone needs to learn to find anti-stories for each story and cross-check. Eventually, you may still believe in the main story, but you will be more confident as a result of cross-checking.

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The Perception Game Has Begun, Are You Ready?published Jun 19, 2020

Transformation Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

My friend, Greg, and I attended an event in Tesla showroom last year. For about 30 minutes, we checked out Tesla’s car thoroughly. And we realized that Tesla’s market valuation and brand perception is way higher than all the others, despite the difference in the cars they manufacture. Recently, Tesla’s stock price touched $1000 per unit, so, the question resurfaced in my mind: Why is it like this?

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Special Purpose Teams in the Future of Workpublished Jun 05, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

There are two key characteristics defense forces exhibit, which corporates can learn from – the first is agility by design and second, mission-based approach. These two traits make them resilient and help in handling disruptions effectively. For any defense mission, tasks, resources, and success guarantee are critical, and it is the same for corporate projects too. Each mission begins with a small team that follows three high-level steps. I recently spoke with my army veteran friend to understand more.

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Business As Platform for the Future of Workpublished Jun 01, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Think of an onion - as you peel it, layer by layer, it starts to unpack a lot of punch. Traditional business models center around single-stream processes, which they manage and execute inhouse. It often creates bottlenecks and increases dependencies. But more importantly, it has an adaptability problem with changing customer demands. Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are enabling significant changes in the economy. Now the time is ripe to make transformative changes; hence business as a platform!

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Distributed Leadership for the Future of Workpublished Jun 01, 2020

Transformation Innovation Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

There is an exciting and emerging trend being seen in organizations these days. Most of them now have at least three different generations in their employee mix. It is interesting because each of these generations looks at management principles and leadership quite differently. Nowadays, most of the employees do not want to be told what to do. Instead, they want leaders to trust them for being capable of doing the right thing. Most of the management principles are not applicable anymore.

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When Working With Emerging Technologies...published May 24, 2020

Transformation Innovation Disruption Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things The Future of 

Machines make mistakes, just like humans do, and they will keep making them in the future too. Businesses must accept this fact and know that machines, much like humans, also need attention, retraining, and a performance improvement plan before they go live again. Do not get carried away and assume that just because we have cool technology, we can use it to solve every problem around us. Emerging technologies are new hammers, let us avoid treating all of the issues as nails and avoid rushing into the emerging future. It is challenging to undo strategic and technological mistakes these days. Sometimes, it is better to deal with humans than machines, sanity is the key!

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Explainable AI Versus Responsible AIpublished May 18, 2020

Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

In the AI world, there is often a debate around the need for being responsible when explainable AI is possible. And, I think both are necessary as they serve different scenarios. I think if you do an excellent job of being responsible, explainability will not be an issue, because that would rarely or never be required. But, incidents happen, so pragmatically, you must insist on both. People must behave responsibly with technology whilst technology must be explainable!

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Will You Kill One to Save Many, Or…published Mar 12, 2020

Transformation Leadership Artificial Intelligence 

I am sure, each one of us in a decision-making role would have faced this at least once. When it comes to a decision that would affect a larger group of people — things are neither easy nor straightforward. If you have to make a quick decision, what is your obvious, frequent choice? Would you go for the popular one or the right one? We face this kind of dilemma every day of our life, almost everywhere — in office, community, politics, and so on. Unfortunately, in a democratic society, the minority is often sacrificed for the interest of the majority (no pun intended !). It does not matter how foolish & ignorant the majority are or how farsighted & knowledgeable the minority are.

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The Future of Writing Is the Future of Thinking!published Mar 08, 2020

Leadership Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Writing can be one of the superpowers for the coming decade, not in its own right, but as a process that enables clear thinking! Everyone doesn’t need to become a prolific writer; merely writing a journal can make a big difference in clarifying thinking and making one a better person. Let’s imbibe that; preserve human writing, preserve thinking! Our future is whatever we make it; let’s take the first step towards making it better. Let’s start thinking for ourself, today, and shun the automated feed of decisions that are made for us (by someone or something else).

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Before Your Emerging Technology Journey Beginspublished Feb 09, 2020

Transformation Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things 

Emerging technology projects can come in different sizes and flavors. Some are only IoT deployments, some are only AI implementations, and some could be a combination of both. When you want to do any of this, you must take control of planning and architecture early on. If you shy away from asking the right questions at the outset, you may end up with subpar solutions that have poor yield, or you may waste your investment all together by doing something that doesn’t affect your key metrics.

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A Dozen Things About AI Ethicspublished Jan 30, 2020

Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence The Future of 

Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human-like intelligence by the non-human abstract agency. Although primarily we assign this term to the computer system only, I think there is merit in seeing it as a broader system that involves humans and machines together. Upon adopting this more expansive concept, you will realize that AI can be a company too! Just think about Google, Facebook, and other companies as a form of AI. Do you think that's plausible?

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Making Tech Responsible Againpublished Jan 10, 2020

Leadership Disruption Artificial Intelligence 

Last year when Apple launched a credit card, they also debuted in the technology bias domain. A wealthy tech entrepreneur (one of their own) was given ten times more credit limit than his wife on the new Apple Card. It was contrary to the fact that the couple had their assets held in common. When one complained, the answer was, "It is just the algorithm," Steve Wozniak (Apple’s co-founder) said. Apple as well as Goldman Sachs, the bank backing the card, both were unable to explain, why's that! In layperson's term, it was more like, "Computer says so...!" jingle that any company will sing at you when they have declined you for a loan, or something similar. That is THE problem.

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