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YOU 3.0

Disruption - the one thing you will repeatedly face during this decade. And every time it happens, there will be a tectonic shift in jobs, economy, as well as work in general. Let us show you in this book how to stay relevant and survive. How do you create a distinction and how to achieve personal and professional goals simultaneously.

We have explained better and proven strategies for achieving your goals with self-discovery and personal branding, to amplify your original persona for everybody's benefit. We'll explain why visibility is the new norm and how to regain control for attracting favorable decisions. We'll also tell you when it's appropriate to go against norms.

Most people remain frustrated throughout their careers. Live with unfulfilled dreams, just because they remain obscure and can't create necessary distinction. Don't be "most people!"

Learn to become indispensable and uniquely useful, upgrade yourself, become You 3.0!

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“You 3.0 is not just a must-read but a must practice!...Authors have done a superb job of providing a framework to help individuals systematically plan and navigate their careers...making the book an essential read for every professional.”
Anand Deshpande, Founder & Chairman, Persistent Systems

"You 3.0 is an easy read if you are looking for a quick journey towards your core...Whether one chose to be a thought leader or doer, consistency in branding is extremely important. Great read and highly recommended.”
Munjay Singh, Senior Vice President, Infosys

“You 3.0 will ignite your thinking; it has captured key elements for a new and renewed perspective on life...Create a new narrative for your life...Go upgrade yourself to the latest version of You!”
Anuraj Gambhir, Disruptive Techpreneur

“Being in the cusp of 4th industrial revolution and a major shift in skills in demand, You 3.0 provides a principled approach to not only those looking at re-inventing or pivoting themselves but also a foundation for those just breaking into the modern workforce.”
Callum Bir, Chairman, AI Australia

"The minute you stop learning, you stop growing. The minute you stop growing, you die. So don't you dare to stagnate. Upgrade to You 3.0 and keep growing, keep learning - and you will live the life you want to live."
Fredrik Haren - The Creativity Explorer


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expanding your insights on full-spectrum

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