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Being the best version of you...

Becoming YOU 3.0 is a unique blend of online and offline programs designed to help you achieve professional goals with self-discovery and personal branding. Based on tried, tested, and proven methodology, this program will empower you to become a better version of yourself.

Success requires the ability to have a positive influence. Anything that limits this ability is reducing your chances of success.

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Anand created the YOU 3.0 framework earlier last year to understand three critical pillars of positive influence. He codified it into a nine-stage methodology for making it easier to follow and implement. We sincerely hope it reaches as many people as possible and helps them in becoming their best version.

Becoming YOU 3.0 is not an abstract theory. It is designed as a pragmatic approach for creating self-distinction, raising your profile without costly superficial courses, ephemeral certifications, and arduous hoops.

No matter what industry you are in, whether you are a working professional or an entrepreneur, you will benefit from it. Everyone who followed this methodology has seen results from stage four itself.

Vinod Kumar

"I liked the program's structure, which helped to shake off the inertia to define who I am. I will recommend this to my friends who are on the brink of becoming a leader to help them channelize efforts to move to the next levels in their careers."


Shirish Kulkarni

"After the first three sessions, I had more clarity on what I'm doing and why. My lenses have changed and have become better, which gives me better visibility of my surroundings and the future."


How does it work?

Upon enrollment, you will have access to the first three modules of online course content. Every time you finish one module, one more module gets unlocked. Throughout the program, there are several live exercises. Whenever you complete an exercise, you can share it with us for personalized feedback and comments.

You will also have access to a course mentor who can answer your questions on the go. The program fee ensures your access to the program for one full year; however, you will always remain part of the YOU 3.0 guild.

In addition to the online course, you will also be invited to monthly AMA (ask me anything) sessions with Anand. Session replays will also be available for viewing later.

Bhanuja Kumar

"The tools and exercises used for the sessions helped me gain clarity about areas of expertise and identify my genius zones. I can now pitch my thoughts in a structured and effective manner."


Rohan Paithankar

"I would highly recommend this program to others because it is a structured approach to effectively discover, package, and present one’s personal brand. It is the need of the hour!"


Program contents

This program has been divided into three modules, and each module covers three core aspects, thereby forming 9-stage methodology.

Each stage feeds into the next stage, and therefore, following this syntax can maximize your program outcomes.


Clarifying who you are, professionally and personally


Clarifying what you know and orient your efforts to maximize it


Discovering and improving your perspectives with holistic thinking


Creating and sharing your pitch with others in different ways


Packaging your expertise in a shareable format for multiple audiences


Packaging your expertise based on audience type and their preferences


Putting your expertise to use and living your personal brand


Selling your views, ideas to others for garnering support


Building your platform, advocates, movement, and tribe

Becoming YOU 3.0 empowers you

1. By helping identify your genius zone and create self-distinction.

2. Teaching you structured techniques to develop strong positioning and express it.

3. Helping you build a portfolio of publications to highlight your positioning.

4. Teaching you several methods to build mutually beneficial collaborations.

5. And equip you with all the tools and techniques to amplify your personal brand.

Lahiri Bellarykar

"Finding my genius zone was a difficult and most interesting exercise for me. It was like peeling an onion. It helps if you have a proper framework to introspect, and that is something I particularly liked about this program."



add_circle How is it different from other personal branding programs or courses?

First of all, this is not a personal branding program. Of course, one of the outcomes of this program is a polished and improved personal brand.

Typically personal branding programs are tuned for a particular target market. They recommend you pick up a target market and adjust your branding to cater to that target market.

Well, it could have worked if you were a mere product, just like shampoo, soap, or likewise. But you are not! As an individual, you have many facets, and they cannot necessarily be categorized into simple black or white.

Humans are complex creatures. Becoming YOU 3.0 is based on this fact and empowers you to work inside out. It is contrary to the outside-in approach taught by personal branding programs.

The focus here is on you, not on others.

add_circle Do I need to purchase the book?

No. If you have already read the book, you will enjoy the additional information and resources this program provides. This program is designed to help you dive deeper and implement the concepts.

The program provides additional information that is not found in the book. For instance, the program includes attendance and access to "ask me anything" calls, and several additional lessons Anand has learned.

If you have read the book, you will have familiarity with some of the ideas. This program, however, puts a high emphasis on real-life implementation.

add_circle How much time do I need to commit to getting results?

The videos you will have access to may need approx. 2 to 3 hours in total (depending on how you watch them). But that is only the input part of it.

Once you have learned, how you put into practice is up to you. If you remain diligent and follow all the exercises, it will start to blur the lines between your course time and actual life. There is no time indication on how much that might take.

However, we have seen people starting to see results from stage four itself, and for them, it took six weeks to get to that point. Remember, consistency and momentum is the key here. If you drop-off or slow down, things will reset.

add_circle What if I have questions while going through the program

During the program enrollment period, you will also have access to a course mentor. They will answer all your questions via email. Moreover, you become part of the YOU 3.0 guild; you will always have like-minded people to interact.

add_circle How do I access online and offline material?

When you confirm your enrollment and payment is processed, you will receive an email with login information. Check your email and use that username and password to log in to

You will also start receiving regular emails with an invitation for monthly AMA group sessions and any other related meet-ups.

add_circle What is lifetime membership of YOU 3.0 Guild?

Lifetime members of YOU 3.0 guild enjoy early access to any new learning material, course, book, etc. at a discounted price. It is a community of like-minded people who share similar goals and values.

add_circle What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this program, refunds are not available at this time. If you have any concerns or questions that are not answered here, please write to us and have them clarified before your confirmation.

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