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Workshop Topics

Learn how to materialize and take advantage of every little idea in your head.

Everyone has unique and valuable insights, which are often useful only in a limited context. That is why most of us don’t explore or work on them, mostly because they don’t seem scalable enough.

We rarely monetize information based ideas and our knowledge appropriately.

Not all ideas need to be physical products, though. You can use them for personal brand building and career gains at a smaller scale, or build them up slowly and consistently for more substantial impacts.

In this activity-based workshop, Anand will teach you how to codify your ideas in a tangible form and make them eligible for monetization.

"It was a great session, punched with great wisdom and power. A true eye-opener."


Using narratives for effective branding, transformation, and change management.

Stories are exciting but are often point-based anecdotes. If you want to utilize stories to steer transformation and change, then you need something more significant. You need several stories that form a pattern and make a meaningful narrative.

Simple and complicated problems are relatively straightforward to handle, but with effective narrative strategies, you can deal with complex issues effectively. Mainly, the challenges at people or system level.

Compelling narration helps in showing people what is possible, and most importantly, answering the big question – why! It not only tells people where we are going but also helps them understand where we are coming from.

In this workshop, Anand will show you different storytelling and narrative strategies to encourage innovation and to accelerate shifts in the status quo. It will help your people to see the forest from the trees and make sense of transformation strategies.

"Anand has considerable expertise and patience in training people on emerging technologies and to operationalize that knowledge."


Discovering and amplifying individual brand for maximum effectiveness.

Every business has now become a personal endeavor, thanks to hyper-personalization and information abundance.

It, however, means that everyone needs to take charge of their career and manage their brand reputation as if they were a business unto themselves. After all, we all know that people will prefer to work with people they can relate to.

In this highly practical and activity-based session, Anand will show you how to stand out by being yourself, upgrade your overall persona, and amplify it for maximum effectiveness.

"It was more insightful, and I am very much impressed with his leadership quality, knowledge and ability to cover the complex topics."


Anand can customize these workshops based upon your brief and tailor them to match with your business’s current situation & requirements. These topics can also be converted into speaking sessions if appropriate.

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