Entrepreneur • Global Speaker • Award-Winning Author • Innovation Expert • Transformation Specialist • Futurist

Anand is a professional speaker, and is passionate about sharing his experience and loves to inspire. He specializes in contemporary topics that are at the intersection of technology and people. You will find his talks candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor.

He is an entrepreneur and innovation expert who is obsessed with bringing ideas to life and make them work for everyone. For the past 20 years, hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals have been able to see the impact of Anand's work in helping them bring their ideas to life.

As a professional coach and mentor, Anand often works with entrepreneurs, mentors them for bringing their ideas to life, and converting strategies into reality. He also coaches high caliber professionals for building their thought leadership brand.

Being a polymath, Anand can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been "done to death." The fact that Anand has a degree in engineering & business, and having worked in a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures gives him a deeper understanding of the impacts of technology. He can see things with uniquely different lenses and knows how to work through them.

He is an award-winning author with a few books under his belt. In 2019, IoT Hub Australia nominated him for the "IoT Pioneer" award. In Dec-2019, Consensus Group Australia honored him with the "Best Author of the Year" award.

Anand is a transformation specialist and is well-known innovation expert. He works with organizations that want to transform into a sustainable brand with creative and innovative employees. Anand helps people in leveraging emerging technologies, adapt, and develop an innovative mindset.

Anand is also a chartered engineer and has studied Electrical, Electronics, and Power Systems Engineering. He also spent a little bit over a year in Civil Engineering class and is a self-taught Computer Engineer. Later in life, he pursued an advanced degree in management of International Business.

In the past, Anand extensively worked with several Fortune 500 multinationals such as HSBC, LG Electronics, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and likes of them. He has thorough experience in Manufacturing, Education, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, IT, Banking, Insurance, and other few industries.

Anand is an intense spiritual seeker and loves to talk about core systems that shape our lives - including education, work, politics, parenting, and spirituality. His talks are candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor.

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