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Whether you are just starting to make videos or you have been struggling to build the momentum, I know the feeling.

You probably have been struggling to come up with good and original ideas to make a quality video. Maybe you are spending too much time in creating each video and the returns on each video are not attractive enough.

And worst of all, you are following all that well-meaning but bad advice from the internet and getting nowhere. You must be feeling that the odds are stacked against you right from the beginning.

Now imagine this...

  • You get 6 month's content plan ready.

  • You know how to create original and authentic videos in your voice and style.

  • You have learned a solid framework to convert original and relevant ideas into a quality video.

  • You have broadened your reach through quality and valuable videos.

  • You are able to stay authentic while doing all this.

Learn the techniques.
Make it a reality !




Chinmay Ananda

"This is like the next level that I was looking for! We have to embrace new ways of doing things."


Andrew Uglow

"For me this opens up so many different possibilities. I am more excited than a dog with two tails!"


This hands-on program will take you through proven and extensive process.

2x 30 min 1:1 strategy sessions
7x group coaching sessions + access to recordings
Video tutorials for key lessons
Ongoing access to the community on Telegram
Reviews by the community members on your work
Useful tools, templates, and checklists
Personalized gear recommendations

The 5 key stages in this program...


During this session, I will help you finalize (or get closer to) your authentic branding. Then, we will create a tentative calendar for the next three months (or more) and do some pre-work on the first few ideas. Finally, we will develop an original content strategy suitable for you, including what topics and content to produce.


We will plan and gather tools for the trade, whether available or new ones. First, I will show you the essential gear & tools you need and don’t need. Then we will decide on certain technical aspects of all your videos at once. You will then work on the script for the very first video. And finally, you will plan efficient production of your video idea.


These two sessions would be the most extensive once, along with the time in between. I will show you how to film all by yourself, my best tips on picking a location, framing your shot, and others. You will create the first video during these two sessions. After that, we will critique your video together, and you will get ample feedback and suggestions for the next one.


As much as pre-planning, the post-production process is important too. First, you will know which apps and software to use. Then, I will show you, step-by-step, my post-production workflow, which you will adapt for your setup.


A critical step, which many people often rush through, is properly publishing your video on your preferred channels. However, it takes more than just uploading the video. You will learn how to write an effective description and use proper keywords. I will also show you different content styles you can explore for variety.

Create quality videos.
Stay authentic.
Grow your brand.


Make authentic and quality videos


Price in USD, inclusive of all taxes.

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