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Learn everything about innovation from the innovator !

Anand is not an ordinary keynote speaker. He is a polymath, innovator, award-winning author, and technologist.

Most people are trying to innovate using technology as a lever. It may be good, but it's not good enough.

If you want to create an extraordinary impact that delivers breakthrough and sustainable results, you need to focus on transformative innovation.

This keynote will help you understand what it takes to create a practical ecosystem for innovating in the age of disruption.

If you want to understand how to break the typical mold and adopt transformative innovation in your organization, your journey begins here.

Learn how you can make your business futuristic. Get ready to take on the challenges during the decade of disruption and lead the industry.


"Anand is a thoughtful and enlightening speaker who presents a business-led technology view in plain language."



"An amazing thinker, writer and speaker; always a delight to see him contributing to our events or publications."



Most of the speakers would come and give a professional, well-rehearsed speech. But only a few align themselves to your objectives and add real value. Below are some of the key points that Anand can cover during his customized keynote.

  What happens after the disruption?

  A new wave of transformative innovation

  When it comes to innovation, data is useless

  To innovate, stop focusing on customer problems

  High-speed innovation with distributed leadership

  Importance of special-purpose teams in innovation

  Business as a platform, to enable innovation

  Hiring for innovation, what to look for?

  From idea to reality, learn about the complete journey

  How to balance innovation and exnovation?

  Combining the 4Ps of innovation effectively

  Recursive innovation - a non-linear way to innovate


"The audience at the conferences loved the balance of empathy and insights that Anand shares in his sessions."



"It was more insightful, and I am very much impressed with his ability to cover the complex topics."


What happens on stage is just a small part of the story...

When you book Anand, expect more than you bargained for. Working with Anand often transcends his time on stage and ensures you get meaningful outcomes.

A thoughtful, affable, and straightforward guy, Anand is a polymath, and can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been "done to death." You will find his talks candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor.

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