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S1 E5

Innovation cycle and strategies with Claus Raasted

with Claus Raasted

10 Feb 2021 11:00 am

Let's have innovation but avoid rattling anything! Does it feel like a commonplace sentiment? Do you believe in win-win philosophy? If yes, I think you will reconsider it after listening to this episode.

This week I bring you my conversation with Claus Raasted. Listen to his compelling arguments as he talks about why invention doesn't have to have a clear purpose and how to differentiate between a good idea from a bad one.

We talk about:

  • Why 94% of the CEOs are not satisfied with their innovation performance?
  • How to differentiate a good idea from a bad idea?
  • The fallacy of win-win situations in innovation.
  • An invention doesn't have to have a clear purpose, why?
  • How do you differentiate between a creative and innovative person?
  • Why hire at least one person, who isn't responsible for anything?

Claus is an innovation strategist and has been pushing the limits of the possible for twenty years. He serves as the Director for The College of Extraordinary Experiences, is a Coach at McKinsey & Company, and hosts the podcast "The Business of Extraordinary Experiences."

He is a prolific author, with 30 books to his name, and has just finished "The Innovation Cycle." Raasted also has a past in reality TV, but these days, who hasn't?

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