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S3 E6

Legacy organizations, transformation, and innovation

with Rebecca Self

21 Jul 2022 11:00 am

On today's show, I have Dr Rebecca L. Self. Rebecca is the co-founder and CEO of APOGEO Group, which specialises in accelerating the transformation of global organizations through leadership development and learning.

Her research and work focus on building and maintaining cultures where people thrive,
and the roles leaders as well as learning play. Today we are talking about a few challenges, particularly around innovation and transformation.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Typical legacy enterprise challenges you are seeing these days.
  2. How do you pinpoint whether it is a technology or people/cultural problem?
  3. How can leaders find out issues or root causes behind abysmal employee engagements?
  4. In your work, how do you progress from diagnosis to the next step?
  5. Hit and miss efforts - is that an execution problem or diagnosis problem?
  6. Why many companies and leaders are not prepared to take risks or major steps in transformation?
  7. How do you recommend leaders paint futuristic scenarios?
  8. "Trying to change engine while flying..." - What would you say to leaders to convince taking larger change projects?
  9. What is that one tipping point when leaders go from "maybe or may not be" to "yes?"
  10. Do leaders need to be innovators to promote innovation in the organization?

Rebecca L. Self has created transformational learning and media content for global audiences for over 20 years, first as a writer and producer for print and television, then as a Professor in US and European Universities, as Director of Content Development at the industry-leading digital learning firm Gronstedt Group, and as a strategic leadership advisor to multinational firms through Thunderbird School of Global Management and team coaching, rated by Bersin and Associates as one of the top 3 executive coaching firms in the world.

Before founding APOGEO Group, Rebecca co-designed and delivered Thunderbird School of Global Management’s largest leadership development program in the Middle East, and worked with leaders at every level of organizations in over 40 countries.

Rebecca spent over 15 years teaching in Universities in the United States and Europe on topics related to culture, communication, and leadership and has been named one of the top 10 Graduate Instructors at the University of Colorado and the Most Inspiring Professor at Franklin University Switzerland.

Her work has been featured or published in business journals, academic presses, and consumer publications, including CERN’s IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation. She delivers keynote addresses to leadership forums and women’s professional networks around the world, including being an Invited speaker at TEDx London Business School.

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