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S3 E3

An operating system you may need to work without jobs

with John Boudreau

12 Apr 2022 11:00 am

Today I have an award-winning scientist, futurist, and a thought leader, John Boudreau. John has produced over 200 publications, including more than 10 books. His research has been featured in HBR, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Business Week.

Recently, John and his colleague Ravin, who also has been on this podcast earlier, published a book titled, "Work Without Jobs." So today I am delving into the ideas proposed in the book and what could it mean to you.

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • Deconstruction and reconstruction of work and jobs.
  • How does that enable fluid and agile work?
  • Does it apply to all industries? Why?
  • Main obstacles and advice to adapt work without jobs model.
  • The gig economy creates more insecurity for employees, how to work through that?
  • Implications of new work operating system on culture.
  • Leadership skills and competencies that are required to implement it.

Dr John Boudreau is recognized worldwide as one of the leading evidence-based visionaries on the future of work and organization. He is known for his breakthrough research on the bridge between work, superior human capital, leadership and sustainable competitive advantage. His large-scale research studies and focused field research address the future of work and the global HR profession, work automation, HR measurement and analytics, decision-based HR, executive mobility, HR information systems, and organizational staffing and development.

Dr Boudreau has produced over 200 publications, including more than 10 books. His research has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Business Week.

Dr Boudreau is Professor Emeritus of Management and Organization and a Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Effective Organizations, at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.

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