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S2 E18

Listening to customers is important, but...

with Frans Reichardt

01 Dec 2021 11:00 am

One of the cliches in the business is, "Listen to your customers." So, of course, anyone and everyone will advise you about it. But exactly how to do that is still a mystery for many.

Now I completely understand that listening to customers is essential, but how much should you listen? When should you listen? And when you shouldn't? And most importantly, don't we already listen enough?

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • Do you think companies listen enough to their customers?
  • Do customers want more technology? Why?
  • Don't you feel more tech also means customers could be misled or confused?
  • What is the voice of a customer, in your opinion?
  • How have things changed in the past two years?
  • Isn't it true that customer doesn't know what they need? They can't articulate the solution themselves.
  • How do you transform your brand into a customer-centric brand? What would be the first step?
  • How can companies incorporate into their strategy?
  • How can teams execute that at ground level?

Frans Reichardt is a global speaker with over 35 years of experience in customer marketing and customer experience. He is also known as The Customer Listener. In recent years, Frans studied the power of feedback and the importance of listening to the voice of the customer. In his keynote speeches, he inspires and motivates professionals all over the world to listen to the voice of the customer in order to innovate, deliver frictionless customer experiences and work towards long-term sustainable customer relationships.

In his keynotes, Frans shows the major shifts in customer behavior and customer loyalty and how brands and professionals can adapt to transform themselves into listening brands. In his eBook Listen Your Way To Customer SuCXess Frans shares 25 inspiring stories with tips and ideas for sustainable customer and employee happiness.

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