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S2 E17

Why understanding negotiation can make you better communicator?

with Savvas Trichas

24 Nov 2021 11:00 am

Each time you make a decision, especially in a group setting, you are likely to be in a negotiation situation. Sometimes it is quite obvious; at other times, it is not.

But one thing is clear that effective communication is directly proportional to effective negotiation. Better communication often translates into better negotiation. In today's episode, we will try and understand more about negotiation and get a few tips to get better at it.

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • What differentiates negotiation from other types of communication?
  • How do you recognize when your conversation has become negotiation?
  • Negotiation is win-win. What's the dark/invisible side of it?
  • What is reactive devaluation? Why is it important?
  • What is tactical empathy? How does it matter?
  • More on "Why your offer is better than anything they could have in their pocket?"
  • Three important things that one can do today to get better at negotiations?
  • Limiting or damaging beliefs that stifle negotiation.
  • How much being authentic and vulnerable can help or not help in negotiation?

Dr. Savvas Trichas is a powerful keynote speaker who combines cutting-edge research with instruction creating motivational moments with practical value. He is a 3-times TEDx speaker (Las Vegas/USA, Lausanne/Switzerland, Athens/Greece). He has collaborated with several prestigious universities and organizations such as Stanford University, the University of Durham, the Ministry of Education and Culture, The Million Dollar Round Table, and the Association of Cyprus Banks.

He is also associated with the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus Police, where he serves as a guest lecturer on management, communication, and deception detection.

In addition, Savvas Trichas is a Ph.D. holder in Human Resources Management and Marketing reviews manuscripts for international high-impact scientific journals related to leadership and organizational behavior, such as The Leadership Quarterly. His research interests focus on a specific nonverbal area, facial expressions, with his scientific publications ranking globally #1 and #2 in Google Scholar under the terms "leadership" and "facial expression." To be able to do so, he had to study the human face in depth. Consequently, he became an officially certified coder in the facial action coding system (FACS). FACS is a highly valid, widely used tool that combines anatomy with photo or video analysis observation to define exact facial muscle movement and intensity (Ekman, Friesen, & Hager, 2002; Trichas, 2015).

Finally, when he's not on stage, Savvas is on TV analyzing important concepts of his expertise such as body language, leadership, lie detection, and psychology of communication.

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