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S1 E2

Disruption, trends, innovation with Michael Thiemann

with Michael Thiemann

20 Jan 2021 11:00 am

How do you take advantage of trends and innovate? How can you develop your own business and successfully convert it into a sustainable business model?

Listen to our guest, Michael Thiemann, as he speaks from his experience and gives some advice on these questions.

We talk about:

  • How does innovation help in taking advantage of trends?
  • Frequent challenges in developing your own business idea and successfully implementing it.
  • Out of the box thinking? How can one learn to do it?

At forty-four, at the height of his capital market career and inner emptiness during the upheaval caused by the financial crisis, Dr. Michael quit his job and started over. Over the next year, he changed his view of what is important to him and how he thinks, speaks, and acts. He committed himself to create a meaningful and people-centered life and founded Strategy-Lab™.

His inner drive is to coachsult people who embrace change and want to find their ideas and create their big thing: building purpose-driven and sustainable personal business models worldwide. His goal was to become a tribe of a million thought leaders and doers to develop their agility and growth mindset and shape the future of today.

He speaks worldwide, is German, and lives in Cannes, London, and Nottuln. He started as an economist, became Dr. on Chaos Theory, Innovation Facilitator, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Thought Leader for Business Model Innovation & Agility, Author and Edutainer on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube. Music, books, food, sports, exploring new places, constant learning and self-improvement, and getting things done make him happy.

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