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S1 E14

Declutter and break free with Saahil Mehta

with Saahil Mehta

14 Apr 2021 11:00 am

When a mountaineer is scaling a mountain, the amount of weight they carry directly impacts how quickly they reach the summit.
The same goes for communication. Whether it is cluttered or simplistic will decide its effectiveness.
But clutter can come in many shapes or forms. It may be physical, as in having a lot of stuff. Or it may be a shunned confrontation that you are carrying as a burden or baggage for too long.

It may also be present in the form of undue assumptions and biases. When we approach a conversation with a negative state of mind or assumption, it can be problematic.
So, how do we identify this clutter? And once we identify it, how do we stay in control. Is it possible to get rid of it, and if yes, how do we do that? To talk about all this, I had a conversation with Saahil Mehta.

We talk about:

  • What is de-cluttering?
  • How does a cluttered mind affect communication?
  • Why picking up your mobile phone right after you wake-up is bad for your mental space and overall communication?
  • How do you take control of your day and mental state?
  • What does clutter result in? Why? 
  • The horse and horse-rider analogy; how it applies to your mind and you?
  • How to identify clutter in your mind and work on it to remove it?
  • About Saahil's book, "Breaking Free."

Saahil is an Entrepreneur, author, and a Passionate Mountaineer.

Over the last decade, Saahil scaled 4 of the world's tallest mountains - a dream he harbored since childhood. But only once he was able to conquer his self-limiting mindsets & habits could he re-invent the complete spectrum of life- from mental focus to physical excellence and from beautiful relationships to efficient environments.

Paradoxically, on the one hand, Saahil leads his life with absolute ‘ahimsa,’ the art of non-violence, and evangelizes this virtue for all human beings. Still, when it comes to personal mastery & performance, he loves to destroy his limits and consistently conquer himself. With his debut book BREAK-FREE, he shares his personal journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams, and how you too, can dream up new personal summits every day, once you have mastered the art of decluttering life by adopting his fool-proof process of breaking-free.

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