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S1 E12

Authentic communication with Maria Papacosta

with Maria Papacosta

31 Mar 2021 11:00 am

Some of the most overused terms, and probably misused terms on social media platforms are - personal branding and authenticity. What do these words really mean? How can someone actually show authenticity? Can you really spot inauthentic behavior?

Well, these are some real heavy questions, aren't they?

To answer some of these questions, this week, we have Maria Papacosta as our guest.

We talk about:

  • A few common things that influential and talented people have or do?
  • Difference between a better communicated versus an average one.
  • What is presence? Why isn't it the same as executive presence?
  • Personal branding and some of the myths around it.
  • Can you spot an inauthentic person?
  • Top 3 common mistakes people make when building their presence, authority, or leadership?

Maria is the co-founder of the MSC Marketing Bureau. She works as a speaker manager with selected thought leaders and speakers. She also works with senior executives and leaders as a Presence, Inspired Leadership & Personal Branding Coach, helping them bring forth their authentic leadership qualities and inspire their teams and audiences.

Maria has over 20 years of business experience, holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Aston University, a BSc in Social Policy and Marketing from London Metropolitan University, and is a TEDx speaker coach and content curator. PeopleHum recognized Maria as one of the Top100 global thought leaders that will inspire you in 2021.

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