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S1 E11

Visual thinking and visual leadership with Todd Cherches

with Todd Cherches

24 Mar 2021 11:00 am

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. And a metaphor can be worth a thousand pictures. It is one of the reasons why the best presenters use images instead of text and stories instead of statistics.

If you want to excel in communication, excelling in visual thinking is necessary. The foundation of any communication is getting others to "see" what you’re saying. Communicating visually – whether through the use of visual imagery, mental models, metaphor, or storytelling – will enable you to more effectively get an idea from your "mind’s eye" and into the head of another.

Our guest this week is Todd Cherches, who is the author of "VisuaLeadership."

We talk about:

  • Importance of visual thinking.
  • Connection of visual thinking with the visual-leadership.
  • When visual thinking works, and when it doesn't.
  • Power of metaphors and side-effects.
  • Todd's book on visual leadership.

Todd is the CEO and co-founder of BigBlueGumball, a New York City-based management consulting firm specializing in leadership development, public speaking, and executive coaching. 

He is also a Founding Partner of the Global Institute For Thought Leadership, a member of Marshall Goldsmith's "MG100 Coaches" group, a three-time award-winning Adjunct Professor of leadership at NYU, and a Lecturer on leadership at Columbia University.

Todd has been a TEDx speaker and the author of the new book, "VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and Life" (Post Hill Press/Simon & Schuster, 2020).

Learn more about Todd and his work from his website, and feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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