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Apr 29, 2022


You may have heard people telling you how important storytelling is. But I reckon, we don't fully recognize how important stories are.

Especially when our 'human' world is full of them. So on this note, I would like to share a few things with you today - one of them is my encounter with monkeys and another one is the story of an orange.

1. Article: Metaverse is overhyped much like every other technology. But what do monkeys think about it?

2. Short film: When two kids fight for the only orange available their dad plays the judge. But the key question is, can both kids get what they want?

3. New venture: My friends from Jumpstart Studio and I are launching something soon. A venture to help ventures.



That evening my bored self decided to visit a nearby zoo. I wanted to look at different animals other than humans that day.

As I was strolling through the zoo, nothing seemed interesting as such. A weakened lion, bored hippo, sleepy giraffe, and the zebra that was perhaps trying to get rid of stripes while scuffing against the wall. 

But as I passed by two monkeys, it sounded familiar. I felt like I understood what they were talking about. So, I stopped. I saw a $5 note in the first monkey's hand while the other had a bunch of bananas.

The conversation that followed replaced my boredom with somewhat existential questions.

This is what happened...



When two kids fight for the only orange available their dad plays the judge. But the key question is, can both kids get what they want?

Watch it now, here...

This short film is based on the famous case study of orange, which first appeared in "Getting to Yes," by Fisher and Ury.

It also features one of the episodes of the ICT Podcast with Savvas Trichas. Click here to listen to the full podcast.



After some success in my previous business, KNEWRON, I took a pause. I wanted to reflect and add more meaning to my life.

So, after some considerable pause, I am opening another front to my work.

My friends from Jumpstart Studio are keen to partner on this one. A Linkedin Live may be in order for the next month to fill you in on that. But in a nutshell, it is a venture to help ventures. The idea is to help businesses that are the size of one to 50 employees. I will share more about that in another email and let you know how you can benefit from this.


And one more thing...

For my next month's free-to-public session, I am keen to know which topic will you be more interested in joining:

1. How to deal with misinformation and get clear amidst the chaos?

2. How to be creative and innovative in your day to day life?

3. How to handle discomfort and differences in the workplace?

Please let me know in a reply.


Until next time...





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