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Jul 25, 2022

Hi !

Just about a year ago, I spoke with Mike Wittenstein on my podcast. The main theme was future stories. And that's because we all have heard about storytelling and how it helps in asserting certain values or to make a point.

I am often asked, "How do you take people on a journey when something hasn't happened yet?" It's true, whether you're talking strategy, transformation, innovation, or even raising children. Things are not just there yet, and we want to make them happen. But how? Well, the answer may be future stories.

You will read and watch about that in the latest article and a short film today. 

1. Short film: When an English-speaking boy accepts the challenge of doing a radio show in another language he has many questions and difficulties. So, how far can he go?

2. Podcasts: I have three podcasts to share with you. Each of them sheds a different light on the challenges we all face these days.

3. AMA: A session to talk about why and how I produced, "On Air Down Under," as well as to answer your questions on innovation, communication and emerging technologies.



This is the story of an English-speaking boy who accepts the challenge of doing a radio show in another language. With many questions and difficulties, how far can he go?

It is a classic example of a future story for posterity and it is premiering on YouTube today...

This short film was premiered in front of a 350+ audience yesterday on the occasion of the silver jubilee of Akashwani Sydney Radio 98.5 FM.

I would highly appreciate your comments and feedback on this one.


Here is the podcast with Mike if you're interested in knowing "Why future stories are more powerful?"

I also recently spoke with Rebecca Self on "Legacy organizations, transformation, and innovation" while Emmanuel helped answer the modern dilemma, "Go alone or go together? Go far or go faster?


In a few weeks' time, I am organising a session, where I will talk about why and how I produced, "On Air Down Under." I'll try to answer all your questions, and tell behind-the-scene stories. If you'd like to attend, just let me know in a reply.


Until next time...





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