More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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Human quality is not about being good under normal circumstances!

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Quality is not only applicable to products or services, but it is also relevant to us humans and individuals. How people, governments, and businesses have been responding to the current crisis of COVID-19 has been very revealing. Especially the strengths as well as flaws in human behavior. Right from toilet paper brawls, to school closing decisions, to work-from-home challenges, to 10% product discounts amidst of all this, each of this has exposed once again — we humans are still not as advanced as we think, and many of us still have questionable quality! I have seen better human behavior before...and here is why a difficult time can expose the quality of human beings as well as humanity.

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What is right is not always popular… and what is popular is not always right!

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I am sure, each one of us in a decision-making role would have faced this at least once. When it comes to a decision that would affect a larger group of people — things are neither easy nor straightforward. If you have to make a quick decision, what is your obvious, frequent choice? Would you go for the popular one or the right one? We face this kind of dilemma every day of our life, almost everywhere — in office, community, politics, and so on. Unfortunately, in a democratic society, the minority is often sacrificed for the interest of the majority (no pun intended !). It does not matter how foolish & ignorant the majority are or how farsighted & knowledgeable the minority are.

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A dozen things about AI ethics

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Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human-like intelligence by the non-human abstract agency. Although primarily we assign this term to the computer system only, I think there is merit in seeing it as a broader system that involves humans and machines together. Upon adopting this more expansive concept, you will realize that AI can be a company too! Just think about Google, Facebook, and other companies as a form of AI. Do you think that's plausible?

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My Manifesto for 2020

Emerging Technologies Ethics Leadership Disruption The Future of 

This decade is going to be a significant one for humanity as I see much disruption planted on the way. Last week, the first week of the new year was crowded with wishing messages and memes, gifs, greetings, and some other things. Many people have asked me about my goals for this year and if I have made any resolutions. This year, not! I think resolutions and goals are overrated these days. Typically, most of us would have made resolutions or goals for this year. And, as usual, some will follow through, and some will fall through. What if, instead of making any resolutions, we come up with the purpose or agenda for the year? I reckon that would be easier, wouldn’t it?

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