More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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If you cannot explain it in simple terms, you do not understand it well enough!

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A lot of times, when I quickly describe something, people ignore me. Some say that over-simplification could be the issue. And for several others, it appears that I am missing something or keeping some information out. Maybe yes! I am distilling that information because it may not be relevant or less relevant. Or perhaps it was there for diverting you from thinking clearly, so I am omitting it. Maybe that information was nothing but a distraction. Or could it be that I am genuinely trying to convey the message instead of blocking it from being understood?

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The future of writing is the future of thinking!

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Writing can be one of the superpowers for the coming decade, not in its own right, but as a process that enables clear thinking! Everyone doesn’t need to become a prolific writer; merely writing a journal can make a big difference in clarifying thinking and making one a better person. Let’s imbibe that; preserve human writing, preserve thinking! Our future is whatever we make it; let’s take the first step towards making it better. Let’s start thinking for ourself, today, and shun the automated feed of decisions that are made for us (by someone or something else).

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Well begun is half done, and asking the right questions is part of it!

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Emerging technology projects can come in different sizes and flavors. Some are only IoT deployments, some are only AI implementations, and some could be a combination of both. When you want to do any of this, you must take control of planning and architecture early on. If you shy away from asking the right questions at the outset, you may end up with subpar solutions that have poor yield, or you may waste your investment all together by doing something that doesn’t affect your key metrics.

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A dozen things about AI ethics

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Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human-like intelligence by the non-human abstract agency. Although primarily we assign this term to the computer system only, I think there is merit in seeing it as a broader system that involves humans and machines together. Upon adopting this more expansive concept, you will realize that AI can be a company too! Just think about Google, Facebook, and other companies as a form of AI. Do you think that's plausible?

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The technology works best for you, only if you stay in charge of it!

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Last year when Apple launched a credit card, they also debuted in the technology bias domain. A wealthy tech entrepreneur (one of their own) was given ten times more credit limit than his wife on the new Apple Card. It was contrary to the fact that the couple had their assets held in common. When one complained, the answer was, "It is just the algorithm," Steve Wozniak (Apple’s co-founder) said. Apple as well as Goldman Sachs, the bank backing the card, both were unable to explain, why's that! In layperson's term, it was more like, "Computer says so...!" jingle that any company will sing at you when they have declined you for a loan, or something similar. That is THE problem.

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My Manifesto for 2020

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This decade is going to be a significant one for humanity as I see much disruption planted on the way. Last week, the first week of the new year was crowded with wishing messages and memes, gifs, greetings, and some other things. Many people have asked me about my goals for this year and if I have made any resolutions. This year, not! I think resolutions and goals are overrated these days. Typically, most of us would have made resolutions or goals for this year. And, as usual, some will follow through, and some will fall through. What if, instead of making any resolutions, we come up with the purpose or agenda for the year? I reckon that would be easier, wouldn’t it?

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