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Effective Narrative Strategies

May 26, 2023, Friday, 4 pm to 5 pm (Sydney)

Narratives are everywhere. Whether someone wants to invade a country or someone is trying to make a point - they all need an effective and persuasive narrative to back them.

But when it comes to stories or storytelling things start to get limiting. 

So, if you want to utilize stories to drive transformation and change or inspire action. If you want to influence thinking and create a movement, then you need something more significant. You need several different stories that form a pattern and make a meaningful narrative.

If your role involves communication, change management, transformation, challenging the status quo, public speaking, writing, influencing, or inspiring actions, this session is for you.

You will learn...

1. The difference between stories and narratives and how they play different roles

2. How to identify scenarios where stories are helpful and where narratives are

3. Key steps in building effective narratives

We will also talk about a few techniques to tell those narratives under time constraints


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