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Here are the nine reasons why you may want to invite Anand to speak at your event...

Anand specializes in areas that are at the intersection of technology and people. You will find his talks candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor. He is a polymath and can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been "done to death."

In the past, Anand extensively worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as HSBC, LG Electronics, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and similar ones. He has thorough experience in Manufacturing, Education, Pharma, Telecommunications, IT, Banking, Insurance, and other industries.

If Covid-19 has shaken up your world; if your people are eagerly looking forward to a new normal; and if you want to become more confident during chaos and uncertainty, then Anand may have some answers for you.

Whether you are rolling out a new culture initiative, want to deliver a strategic message across the organization in an effective way, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought-provoking, engaging, and relevant keynote speaker for your organization, Anand can help.

Here are the nine reasons why you may want to invite Anand to speak at your event.

1. Experienced professional speaker

Anand debuted in 2010 with his speech at IQPC Singapore. He has a multi-cultural and multi-industry experience, which gives him a unique perspective and advantage in front of various audiences. You will feel confident due to his professionalism, and you can rely on his ability to make your event successful.

2. A real deal with business and life experience

He loves sharing his stories from the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Especially the ones that can make a difference in people's lives as well as businesses. Anand has worked for larger companies, then started his entrepreneurial venture before selling it off. He was also fortunate enough to work with several small and medium sector companies.

There is a difference between a speaker who gives a well-researched, well-rehearsed speech and the other one who speaks from the heart and real experience. Anand is the latter one. Learn more about Anand's story here. He ensures not to exert unnecessary energy overwhelming your audience, avoids using cliches. It makes him authentic and relatable.

Additionally, Anand is an avid experimenter. He is constantly conducting experiments to uncover new realities and testing new ideas, hypotheses, and concepts. Frequently asks "what if" questions and then goes on validating them. Doing that gives Anand some interesting real stories to talk about. And because these stories come from real-life experiments, they often provide an opportunity for great learning and fun. 

3. Unique preparation methodology

Anand follows a unique preparation method for his keynotes that helps him craft a logical, credible, and emotional speech. With that, he ensures that the majority of the audience resonates with his speech. During the pre-event briefing call, Anand ensures that he is clear on business objectives, organization cultural construct, audience expectations, and the current environment.

4. Practical thought leadership and ideas

Anand's thought leadership and ideas are relevant, practical, elegant, thorough, and unique. His content is pragmatic as well as inspirational. Moreover, it ensures that the impact of his speech continues long after the event is over. 

Anand speaks from his experience. His ideas are backed by solid references, data, and outcomes from his experiments. You will realize that his thoughts and ideas are practical enough to be implemented.

5. No boring lectures

Anand is a  thoughtful, affable, and straightforward guy. He is known for enlightening the audience on a topic that people feel has been "done to death." His delivery style is candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor. These are all the qualities you need to make the audience more receptive to the ideas and message.

Even for the virtual world, Anand is one of the most innovative and leading online presenters globally who has shown novel ways of engaging online participants and wowing the audience. Anand has well designed and engaging presentation style with which he can keep the audience glued to their screens the entire time.

6. Customization

For the past 20 years, Anand has worked in different industries and fields. And every work he has done so far has involved customization. It won't be any different now. Anand invests the necessary time in understanding your requirements and ensure the speech is tailored to your suit your objectives.

7. The event starts before it starts

Yes, every successful event and keynote speech relies on pre-event preparation and audience engagement. Anand helps in creating that buzz beforehand and often helps in generating engagement from the audience. It helps in priming the audience the right way and helps in delivering exactly what the audience is receptive to.

8. The event continues even after it is over

Post-event collateral and takeaways are highly useful and potent tools to make sure that learning stays with the audience and they can put it into practice. Anand helps create this collateral. What happens on the stage, virtual, or real is just a small part of the story. When you work with Anand, you can expect more than you bargained for. Anand's popular workshops can enable your team with the necessary tools and techniques. And it won't just stop there. He can also organize follow-up sessions to make sure that learning stays and outcomes are seen.

9. Not a prima donna

Many speakers treat themselves and behave as if they are celebrities. Anand believes he is a teacher. And that belief ensures that he is easy to work with. Organizing an event in itself is a massive feat, online, offline, or hybrid, all the same. Anand works as a part of your team, stays in the loop, keeps you in the loop, shows up when necessary and on time, and is reasonably accommodating.

If you are not yet convinced, perhaps a quick chat with Anand might help. Feel free to schedule a 30-minute meeting with Anand and get to know him more.

And, if you are convinced already, a good first step is to send more details about your event and then schedule a briefing call by clicking here.

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